5 Essential Tree Health Care Services

Johnny Turvin - Certified Arborist FL-9415A

Environmental improvement and maintenance

Trees grow their best and resist insects and disease with their own natural defense systems most effectively when they are in good soil environments. This means there is adequate nutrient and organic content available to supply the tree with the elements needed for growth and health. Seasonal deep root fertilization replenishes nutrients expended during the previous growth cycle. Beneficial organic additives are included with the fertilizer. Mulch should be continually replenished on the structural root area to improve moisture retention and temperature modulation. The soil the roots grow in should occasionally be de-compacted so that feeder roots have unrestricted access to water and air.

Growth regulator treatment

Treatment of trees with growth regulator has several additional benefits beyond compacting the growth of the tree canopy. Photosynthesis is significantly improved resulting in more energy available to the tree for other processes including defense against insects and diseases. More food for soil microbial activity is delivered to the root system which improves water and nutrient uptake. The entire root zone expands and increases in girth which provides increased stability in storms. And the compacted canopy allows less wind resistance and reduced maintenance pruning cost.

Chlorosis treatment

Trees which have not had the benefits of the services above frequently develop yellowing in the canopy. Generally, this is the absence of chlorophyll caused by micronutrient deficiencies. This is called chlorosis, and it results in significantly reduced energy production depriving the tree of the resources it needs to grow and maintain its health and resist insects and diseases. Chlorosis is correctable with trunk injection of the lacking micronutrients. Repetitive growing seasons under chlorotic conditions increasingly expose the tree to stress which typically results in the need for other extensive treatment or mitigation services.

Insect monitoring and treatment

It is not uncommon for any tree to be visited by various insects during a growing season. Some insects are more harmful than others. There is also an acceptable level of some of the types of insect activity. It is important to know which insects are present and how each affects the trees. Left unmonitored and if needful treatment is neglected even acceptable levels of insect activity become over time chronic infestations which then eventually become factors resulting in the death of trees.

Disease monitoring and treatment

As climate changes express multiple effects to trees and their growing environment diseases gain opportunities to become established and to spread. Early detection, identification and treatment of tree diseases prevents them from developing symptoms which can not only challenge the host tree but also threaten other trees in neighboring areas. Untreated tree diseases commonly kill trees in just a few years while spreading much more quickly. This cascade effect can become very costly to control.

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