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We highly recommend Natural Directions—the company is dependable, good at communications, and did an excellent job trimming 3 trees in our yard, and removing a dead tree trunk, at a very reasonable price. The company employs an arborist who came to our home and carefully explained how they would trim; we think this is a big plus in caring for our trees. They also offer a tree healthcare service, which we plan to use in the spring.
Beverly D. Berry
Natural Directions Client
We had a sweetgum tree that was haunting us for the longest time. Thank god you came along when you did. The tree is gone, yay!! You did a wonderful job of cutting down that nightmare. It was so well done that the first day I missed my house the first day back from work. I would recommend Natural Directions to anyone that wants to listen.
Thank you so, so much.
Cindi Carter
Natural Directions Client

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